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What We Do

Nichols Marketing is a full service consulting agency specializing in strategies and procedure to positively support marketing and sales within your company. What does that mean to you?  We address the "elbow" where the aptitude in your marketing and sales team gets hindered in miscommunication, disjointed transfer of data and business intelligence and deficiencies in the organization to accomplish positive results in sales.  We use all your data, real data, not opinions, to drive better results flawlessly through the marketing and sales area.

While working side-by-side with our all-inclusive consulting group, you get the benefits of our experienced knowledge across the essentials of marketing and sales. We keep up-to-date with your marketing programs even when we focus on specific areas of concern with your advertising and sales program. We use a speedy approach to assist companies in branching out in new markets and build a positive presence in existing markets. Our firm has implemented thousands of successful programs that resulted in improved sales, profits and victorious product lines.


​Crafting a plan to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS

Nichols Marketing is a team of consulting specialists, strategists, researchers, and other valuable experts. Our skill, knowledge and low overhead costs allow us to offer services that are second to none at affordable rates.


Minimizing your risks along the way